With an unwavering commitment to strengthening the infrastructure backbone of India, Kisan Irrigations is a proud contributor to weaving the fabric of the nation. 

KisaN & KSR Infrastructure Piping Solutions can be used across multiple applications – Whether it is for supply of water to distant locations, or protection of the fiber optic and telecom cable networks, or creation of sewerage and waste lines, or installation of channels for biofuel supply, or horticulture and green house tech. We have a range of products suited for every need.




Easy Installation

No need for adhesives and sealants

Leak-proof, chemical & biological resistant



  • Telecom and cable ducting
  • Underground or open pipeline
  • Underground optical fibre cable conduits [OFC]
  • Horticulture & green house tech
  • Irrigation, tube well
  • Gobar gas line
  • Potable water supply
  • Factory supply lines
  • Sewerage & waste lines
  • Mainline for sprinklers/drip pipeline
  • Surface water drainage

PVC Pipes (PVC)


KisaN & KSR Elastomeric PVC Pipes are fitted with an elastomeric sealing ring that offers a seal so tight that the possibility of any kind of leakage becomes remote. These water-tight joints with rubber gasket give flexibility in joining and eliminates the need for cumbersome and messy adhesives and sealants.



  • Easy fit installation
  • Light weight
  • High resistance
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Superior durability
  • Leakproof
  • Flexible to accommodate small soil shifting & gradients
  • Immediate testing – No need to wait for joints to dry
  • Long lasting – more than 50 years


  • Telecommunication & Cable Ducting
  • Industrial applications
  • Agriculture
  • Lift irrigation schemes
  • Drip & sprinkler irrigation
  • Rainwater drainage
  • Underground or open pipeline
  • Potable water supply
  • Sewerage & waste lines
  • Biogas


Sizes 63mm to 400mm
Standard/s IS: 4985
Standard Length/s 6 mtr
Pressure Classes PN4 to PN10
Max. Service Temperature Upto 60 o Celsius



HDPE is today, the internationally preferred piping material, across an unbelievable range of applications where strength and long life are the key requirements. HDPE Pipes are environmentally friendly and offer great durability, flexibility and high tensile strength. They are lightweight and highly resistant to corrosive chemicals. They can be effectively used for environments with high impact, abrasion, micro-organisms and rodents.

KisaN & KSR HDPE Pipes have excellent elastic properties that absorb soil movements, stresses and hydraulic pressures. Their smooth internal surface ensures minimum friction thus leading to 30-40% increase in water supply per hour. They are apt for supply of potable water, even in sub-zero temperatures at high altitudes.



  • Lightweight
  • Faster & easier installations
  • Super strong
  • UV Resistant
  • Low thermal & electrical conductivity
  • Minimum Frictional Loss
  • Fusion welded joining provides leak-free piping systems
  • Anti-microbial properties reduce bacterial growth
  • High bending radius
  • Abrasion & chemical resistant
  • Outstanding flexibility and crush resistance
  • Excellent SCGR (Slow Crack Growth Resistance) properties
  • Superior hydrostatic strength and durability for long life


  • Agriculture: Spraying pesticides, long length delivery of water, suction & delivery hose, lifting water from bore wells, air compressors, lift irrigation schemes & with submersible pumps
  • Potable Water Supply: House service connections in urban & rural areas even in sub-zero temperatures at high altitudes
  • Industrial Use: Conveying corrosive effluents of chemicals, air conditioning & ducting, compressed air supply, chilled water circulation, in sewage & drainage, conveying acids & alkalis
  • Natural gas, coal gas, biogas, etc. for domestic & industrial purposes


Sizes 20mm to 630mm
Standard/s IS: 4984

IS: 14333

Pressure Classes PN 2.5 to PN 16
Standard Length/s 6 mtr, 12 mtr (as per customer requirement) & in Coil
Max. Service Temperature -40 o Celsius to 45 o Celsius


  • PE 63
  • PE 80
  • PE 100

Cable Duct Pipes

Hdpe Plb Prod

KisaN & KSR HDPE PLB Cable Ducts are polyethylene duct pipes used for protective covering of fiber optic, telecommunication and other cables.

Kisan & KSR HDPE PLB Ducts are lightweight, easy to install, easy to maintain and long lasting. The internal lubrication in the cables ensure the cables flow smoothly while blowing / pulling. They undergo stringent tests like dimensions, tensile strength, reversion test, environmental stress crack resistance, crush resistance, mandrel test, coil test, oxidation induction test, hydraulic characteristics and internal co-efficient of friction.

KisaN & KSR HDPE PLB Cable Ducts are available in assorted colors of standard lengths/coils of 300, 500 and 1000 meters.



  • Lightweight & flexible
  • Lower friction due to internal silicon layer
  • Leakproof joints
  • Superior Protection from harsh environments
  • Easy installation
  • Non-toxic
  • Long life
  • Economical


  • Underground optical fiber cable conduits [OFC]
  • Telecommunication
  • Best for optical fiber cables
  • Computer network
  • Automatic signalling
  • Railway information network


32/26mm, 40/33mm, 50/42mm, 63/50mm & 110/80mm