Kisan & KSR Plastic Control & Safety Valves  
Kisan Irrigation provides a complete solution for Control and Safety Valves. Our high performance Valves are with manual and or automatic control. Our Plastic Valves are cost effective, easy to install & maintain, value driven and customized for specific requirement. We also provide turnkey services for survey, designing & installation.
  1. Kisan PP Ball/ Control Valves range includes:
    20 mm solid sealed / One piece
    Single/Double Union – 20mm,25mm ,32mm (1”), 40mm (1.25”),50mm (1.5’’),63mm (2’’), 75mm (2.5”)
    Double Union 90mm(3’’), 110mm(4”) etc
  2. Kisan Air release Valves:
    0.5’’,1’’, & 1.5’double acting
    Vacuum braker valve ¾”
  Irrigation Water Filters - Filtration Systems  
Water is not found in its purest form in nature. It is always contaminated with physical, chemical & biological impurities. Proper filtration is important to prevent low pressure diffusers like emitters from clogging.

Our wide ranges of irrigation water filters protect micro irrigation system from clogging hazards. Some of the popularly used irrigation filters are:
  1. Sand Separators to remove silt & sand from water
  2. Media filters to remove organic impurities like algae, trash, leaves etc. from water
  3. Complete range of Screen/ Disc filters to remove any physical impurities from water
Kisan Irrigation Filtration Systems are designed for stable performance, highest filtration efficiency at lowest friction/head loss to conserve energy and minimum maintenance. The range includes:
  1. Kisan Hydrocyclone Filter: Range:
1.5’’ (7-15m3/hr),2’’ (15-25m3hr),2.5’’ (30-45m3/hr),3’’(40-50m3/hr),4’’ (45-65m3/hr)
  2. Kisan Media /sand/Gravel Filter & Butterfly valve Back wash Assemblies:
Range:- 1.5” (7-15m3/hr),2’’ (20-30m3/hr) 2.5’’ (30-45m3/hr),3’’ (40-50m3/hr) 4’’ (45-65m3/hr)
  3. Kisan Screen/strainer type filters of Metal or Plastics:
Range:- Only Plastics ¾’’(7m3/hr),1.5’’(10-15m3/hr), Metal/Plastics,2’’(20-25m3/hr),2.5’’(30-45m3/hr),
3’’(40-50m3/hr) in 80 mesh(200 micron) & 120 mesh(130micron)
  4. Kisan Disc/strainer type filters of Plastics: Range:-
1.5’’ (10-15 m3/hr),2’’ (20-25m3/hr), 2.5’’ (30-45m3/hr),3’’ (40-50m3/hr)- 120mesh