KSR PVC Ball Valves  
  Pvc Ball Valves are made from the highest quality grade of Pvc Resin. Its main function is to control the flow of water.  
  Salient Features:  
  1. Sizes: 20mm to 75mm
  2. Light Weight & Long Life
  3. Compact & Single Piece Body
  4. Low Energy Losses
  5. Easy To Install And Operate
  6. Seats-Teflon(PTFE)/Eplon(EPDM)
  7. High Corrosion Ressistant, No Scaling
  8. Flanged, Threaded & Plain (Socketed) Ends
  1. Used in pipelines for drip/micro irrigation and water pumping system in agriculture
  2. For supply of water to buildings, commercial, industrial and public utility places
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