Kisan PPR – C Pipes & Fittings  
PPR-C means Polypropylene Random Copolymer (-CH2- CH-) n CH3
Kisan PPR –C plumbing pipes is the right choice for hot and cold water distribution, proven worldwide due to its combining performance Durability, Reliability, Safety with Cost Saving. Kisan PPR-C Pipes & Fittings are manufactured from PPR-C Type 3 having low melt flow rate, high molecular weight and excellent creep resistance which gives long term performance under mechanical stress. The choice of raw material, the structural accuracy and the strict quality control gives the Kisan PPR –C plumbing system a high degree of reliability.
  Salient Features & Advantages:  
  1. Corrosion free & extremely smooth surface due to non polar nature of the material
  2. Offers great resistance to most chemicals at high temperatures upto 115 degree C
  3. System is free from scaling and encrustation resulting in lower sizes of pipes hence low pumping pressure and lowenergy cost
  4. Free from bacterial growth and leaching effect hence hygienic and ideal for carrying drinking water
  5. Saves on insulation cost as material is a poor conductor of heat
  6. Joints are prepared by fusion process thus becoming a homogeneous, integral, long lasting leak – proof joint
  7. De-zincified brass components (PPR –C fittings with brass inserts) makes system totally carcinogenic free
  8. Material is free of toxic and is eco friendly
  9. Life expectancy of 50 years
  10. PPR – C pipes are UV stabilized
  11. Softening temperature – 132 degrees C
  12. Modulas of elasticity – 800 n/ mm sq
  13. Bursting pressure of PN20 pipes is 106 bars at 30 deg. C
  14. Co – efficient of thermal conductivity - 0.24 W/mKς
  15. Considerable saving in time, labour and cost due to light weight easy and quick installation
  Sizes: Kisan PPR – C are manufactured from 20 mm OD to 160 mm in PN 10, PN 16 and PN 20 bar  
  1. Hot & Cold water supply in residential, industrial and public projects
  2. Solar applications
  3. Compressed air systems (pneumatic)
  4. Transportation of aggressive fluids like acid and alkaline solutions
  5. Conveying liquids for food products
  6. Chill water circuit for refrigeration units
  7. Watering systems for green house and gardens
  8. DM water, affluent treatment and RO plants
  9. Kisan PPR-C pipes are also widely used in various industries
  Kisan PPR-C pipes are installed in 3 simple steps:  
  Few of the range of fittings are as follows: 20MM TO 160 MM -  
  PPR - C Pipe PPR - C Pipes   PPR - C Pipes & Fittings with Cutter PPR - C pipes & Fittings  
  Elbow End Cap   End Plug - 1 End Plug - 2  
  Female Threaded Brass Elbow Female Threaded Brass T   Male threaded Brass Adapter Male & Female Threaded Brass Adapter  
  Reducing T Union   Union - Sectional View