Kisan, Trimurti & KSR HDPE Pipes  
  Even in heavy–land areas, where only the strongest –galvanized iron, cement and asbestos survive; plastic, in the form of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) has scored beyond doubt.  
  Salient Features:  
  1. Conforming to IS: 4984
  2. Bending Radius is 25 times the pipe diameter
  3. Excellent elastic properties ensure absorption of soil movements, stresses and hydraulic pressures
  4. Minimum frictional losses due to smooth inner surface, increasing 30-40% more water per hour
  5. Super strong, Extra long life
  6. Abrasion & Chemical Resistant
  7. Light Weight
  Sizes Available:  
  20mm to 400mm in different pressure class and in different grades of HDPE (PE 63, PE 80 & PE 100).  
  1. For Agriculture:- Spraying pesticides, long length delivery of water, Suction and delivery hose, from bore wells, air compressors, Lift irrigation schemes, and with submersible pumps Lifting water  
  2. For Potable Water Supply: In urban and rural areas even in sub zero temperatures at high altitudes  
  3. For Industrial Use: Conveying corrosive effluents of chemicals, air conditioning and ducting,compressed air supply, chilled water circulation, in sewage & drainage, conveying acids
& alkalies
  4. For carrying Natural gas, coal gas, Bio-gas etc. For domestic and Industrial purposes  
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