Kisan Fertigation /Chemigation Equipment  
In the process of fertigation/ chemigation, fertilizer is applied directly with the irrigation water. Therefore, wherever the water goes, the fertilizer goes with it. Fertilizer is applied only where needed, and in the proper quantities. The obvious advantages of fertigation, therefore, are the saving of labor and machinery, and the efficient use of the costly chemicals and fertilizers to be applied. In fertigation/chemigation, the extra activities involved in the separate application of fertilizer are no longer necessary; neither is the purchase of maintenance of dedicated equipment for fertilizer distribution. Additionally, such machinery often compresses the soil and may cause crop damage. In conclusion, one might say that fertigation is the most effective and least expensive way of providing nutrients to growing field crops.
Kisan Fertigation system & Chemigation equipments are highly durable and composed of material inert to chemical and fertilizer reactions. Kisan presents most reliable, accurate, energy efficient and suitable equipments to meet the exact fertilize need of crop. The Fertigation/Chemigation Equipment range includes:
  1. Kisan Fertilizer Tanks Rane: 30 Ltr, 60 Ltrs, 90 Ltrs , with vacuum breaker valves & 25mm compression fittings
  inlet & outlet. Unique UV stabilized green transparent tubes & solid sealed PP ball valves
  2. Kisan Fertilizer Injector ventury Assembly system Range: ¾”& 2’’ low head loss operated at low motive flow