Kisan, Trimurti & KSR Elastromeric Pipes  
Kisan (aka Trimurti/ KSR) Elastromeric Pipes are the latest in technological innovations from Kisan. Solvent Cement is the most commonly used material for jointing PVC pipes. But Solvent Cement poses innumerable problems.

Improper mix of solvent cement, too little results in weak and leaky joints and too much will lead to accumulation of cement inside the pipe, weakening the area around the joint.

Hence rigid PVC pipes fitted with an elastomeric sealing ring offers a seal so tight that the possibility of any kind of leakage becomes remote.

It also eliminates the need for cumbersome and messy adhesives and sealants.

Kisan Irrigation introduces uPVC FirmSeal (Elastomeric) Pipes especially in the higher diameter pipes. Firm seal PVC pipes have unique properties that pipes of no other material can offer, neither galvanized steel, mild steel nor asbestos cement pipes.
  Salient Features:  
  1. Leak Proof: The unique ring prevents any kind of leakage.
  2. Corrosion resistant: Immune to galvanic or electrolytic erosion.
  3. Chemical and Biological resistant: Resistant to acids, oxidizing agents, alkalies, oils and domestic effluents. Fit for high
purity water application.
  4. Easy installation: Pipes of diameter less than 140mm can be joined by hand pressure while for those of
a larger diameter, a pipe jack is adequate.
  5. Lower cost of installation: Lightweight therefore they are easy to transport and carry to the site.
  6. Flexibility: Can accommodate slight shifting of soil, bending of the pipe upto 2 degrees per joint
and tolerates small gradients in underground piping.
  7. Immediate Testing: FirmSeal pipes can be tested for ability to withstand pressure immediately on completion
of installation. There is no need to wait for the joints to dry, etc.
  8. Maintenance Free: No painting or coating required.
  9. Prolonged shelf life: Has a life span of over 50 years.
  10 Solvent Cements: No need of solvent cements or sealants for jointing.
  These rings are in accordance with IS 5382. The sealing ring has been designed in such a way that the pipes can be installed with extreme ease & convenience. The rubber ring absorbs linear expansion, leaving the seal intact, even in extreme temperature variations.  
  Salient features of FirmSeal rings:  
  1. High Resistance ring: The ring is not affected by ozone, ultra – violet radiation, bacteria, fungus or termites. It is also resistant to salt water, organic vegetable oils, dilute acids, dilute alkalies, aqueous chlorine and other pollutants and contaminants found in communal sewage
and waste water.
  2. Reliable and robust: Kisan (aka Trimurti/KSR) UPVC FrimSeal joints can withstand pressures beyond the specified testing pressure for the pipes.
  3. Tolerates temperature variation: The elastomeric ring can accommodate linear expansion and contraction.
  Installation Procedure:    
  (A six step easy process)    
  1. Clean inside of pipe socket and groove for FirmSeal.
  2. Slightly wet FirmSeal and squeeze it into heart shape, position it inside the pipe socket for it to snap.(the socket is a 15' chamfer provided in the pipe)
  3. Clean the pipe ends and coat it with lubricant before pushing into the socket Mark insertion depth if not already provided.
  4. Push together only up to the insertion mark to take care of expansion.For large diameter pipe, a pipe jack may be used.
  5. If shorter lengths are required cut off the pipe ends squarely using a fine toothed saw and miter box.
  6. Before inserting the cutoff pipe in the socket, its end must be deburred and chamfered approx 15 degree.
  1. Irrigation Scheme
  2. Tube well
  3. Gobar gas Line
  4. Rainwater drainage
  5. Drinking water supply lines for potable water services
  6. Sewerage and waste lines
  7. Main line for sprinklers/drip pipeline
  8. Underground or open pipeline
  9. Telecommunication and cable ducting
  10. Installation for brewery pipelines
  11. Horticultural and green house technology
  12. Installation in chemical plants
  13. Surface water drainage
  14. Factory supply lines, etc
    Elastomeric Pipe - sectional view   Elastomeric Pipes - 1 Elastomeric Pipes - 2 Elastomeric Pipes - 3  
    Elastomeric Pipes - 4