Kisan, KSR & Trimurti Drip Irrigation System  
  Kisan Drip Irrigation Systems  
Micro Irrigation Methods are the pressurized Irrigation Systems consisting of Drip & Sprinkler Irrigation. In Micro Irrigation water from water source is lifted by a pumping unit & conveyed directly to field by closed conduit piping net work without any conveyance losses.

With water becoming a scarce resource, Drip Irrigation is the answer to modern agricultural needs. Kisan Irrigation offers a wide range of reliable & cost effective drippers & dripper line products. Kisan Drip Irrigation Systems are uniquely engineered to deliver a measured quantity of water directly at the root zone of each plant at regular intervals. This is to ensure that the plants do not experience stress for water & nutrients.
  At Kisan Irrigation, we provide a complete end to end solution that comprises of the following:  
  1. Farm survey
  2. Soil & water analysis
  3. Design of system - customized to farmer needs
  4. Installation & commissioning of system
  5. Training to the farmer/user
  6. Regular after sales services
We have more than 100 technocrats, engineers, agronomists, horticulturists etc in regional offices, as well as trained dealers, distributors all over India. With a strong infrastructure & ability to provide customized solutions, Kisan Irrigation is capable of taking up large scale turn key projects. Kisan Drip Systems are reliable and meets Indian (BIS) & International quality standards. Kisan is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company.
  Components of Drip System:  
  1. Well/ Tank
  2. Pump
  3. By Pass/ Pressure Relieve Valve
  4. Non Return Valve
  5. Hydro Cyclone Filter
  6. Inlet Valve
  7. Back Flush Valve No 1 & 2
  8. Sand Filter
  9. Head Unit Control Valve
  10. Fertilizer Tank/ Injector
  11. Pressure Gauge
  12. Disc Filter
  13. Air Release Valve
  14. Supply Main
  15. Ball Valves
  16. Pressure Regulators
  17. Sub Main
  18. Sub Main Flush Valve
  19. Laterals/ Emitting Pipes
  20. Drippers
  21. End Plug
  Benefits of KisaN Drip Irrigation:  
  1. Water savings up to 70% , since only those areas directly around the plant’s root zone are irrigated
  2. Plants undergo less stress from variations in soil moisture. Plant appearance is enhanced
  3. Constant moisture improves plant growth and increases yield consistently
  4. Slow application rate prevents excess surface water build-up and reduces evaporation
  5. The low application rate and the use of automatic timers results in precise water control
  6. Weed growth is reduced because areas between plants are not irrigated
  7. System can be designed for use in all types of terrain and soil conditions
  8. System’s low flow rate allows irrigation of larger areas and more plants can be watered at once
  9. Drip irrigation systems are usually installed at costs considerably less than those of an underground sprinkler,bubbler, or shrub spray system
  10. Through the use of fertilizer dispensers, chemicals and nutrients can be fed directly to the plant in controlled quantities increasing use of fertilizer efficiency by 30%
  11. The water application rate can be tailored to fit each individual plant. This is accomplished by the use of different quantities of emitters and emitters with different discharge rates
  12. Conversion to drip irrigation is easily accomplished since the hydraulic design of a sprinkler system is more thanadequate
  13. The drip system is economical to use with native landscapes in dry weather conditions
  Cotton, potato, banana, vegetables, flowers, sugarcane, apple, grapes, tea, coffee, mango, teak wood etc, whatever may be the crop – Kisan has a suitable Drip Irrigation System for each of them.  
    Single Piece Ball Valve