Kisan Conduit Pipes  
Conduit Pipes are manufactured from a specially formulated un-plasticized polyvinyl chloride to meet most stringent Indian and International standards. The products are manufactured in accordance with IS:9537 Part 3, BS: EN 61386-21 for uPVC conduits IS:3419.

Kisan uPVC Conduits are manufactured on fully automatic latest plant & machinery utilizing the time tested twin screw technology which ensures the adequate mechanical strength; hence the chances of Kisan Conduits being prone to cracks during bending are minimum. These conduits are built with high impact strength and total safety in mind.
  Sizes Available: 20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 40mm and 50mm  
  1. Mechanical Properties
    I. Percentage of compression with specified load less than 25%
    II. Percentage of compression without load less than 10%
  2. Electrical Properties
    I. Dielectric strength = 36 Kv/ mm
    II. Specific resistance = 6.1 X 10 14 ohm cm
  3. Thermal Properties
    I. Working temp = 70o C
    II. Burning rate = self extinguishing
    III. Flammability = UL(4V – O)
    IV. Flame die out time: Less than 30 seconds
  Salient Features:
  1. Maintenance Free: These are free from corrosion and resistant to chemical reaction & biological formation
  2. Light weight and Flexible
  3. Convenient Joining: Have high trapezoidal threads which ensure easy joining
  4. Durable and impact resistant
  5. Safe: These are fire resistant with very less electrical conductivity
  6. Excellent Surface: Have smooth internal and external surface
  7. Cost Saving: These are economical
  8. Temperature Stable: Can cope with widely fluctuating temperatures (-20° C to + 60° C) thus are resistant to
    extreme weather conditions and UV stabilized
  9. Smoke Suppressing: Are manufactured from special PVC alloy, which ensure little or no release of smoke/toxic
    fumes in the event of fire.
  1. Open and concealed wiring in plants, traffic signal connections, street light and wiring at public places
  2. Open and concealed wiring in houses, residential & commercial buildings
  3. Channelizing concealed and surface wiring
  4. Telecommunication and cable ducting