Kisan & KSR Casing Pipes  

Today, bore/tube wells are widely accepted as the suitable means of tapping water resource from the depths of the earth. uPVC casing pipes, due to their desirable performance characteristics have been recognized as the most suitable material for bore /tube well construction. This is the outcome of the inherent advantages of uPVC casing pipes over conventional MS Casing pipes.

In particular, the Kisan Casing Pipes have gained notable renown. Their simple yet strong and sturdy & features, ensures easy installation at great depths.

Manufactured as per IS 12818 standards, the solid wall plain casing pipe and ribbed screen pipe is available in standard length of 3 mts. in blue colour. The plain casing pipe can be used as an extension pipe to the screen pipe. The CS Pipes are casing pipes suitable for wells with depths up to 80m while the CM Pipes for wells with depth above 80m up to 250m

  Salient Features:
  1. Manufactured as per IS 12818 standards
  2. Sizes available from 1½ ’’ (40mm) to 10’’ (250mm)
  3. Non-corrosive & non-conductive
  4. Chemical resistant
  5. Non-toxic, PVC imparts no taste to the water
  6. Does not support bacterial growth
  7. Long life & does not deteriorate as metal casing pipe does
  8. Strong and hence the chances of wall collapse are very remote
  9. Lighter than steel in weight, so pipes are much easier to transport & handle
  10. Easy to cut and fabricate whenever required
    Plain Casing Pipes - 1   Plain Casing Pipes - 2 Ribbed or Screened (Slotted) Casing Pipes