KSR Agricultural Fittings  
In a short span of time Kisan Irrigation has produced the largest range and sizes of injection moulded PVC fittings in the country. The fittings, confirming to/ as per IS standards, are made from the highest grade quality resin. PVC fittings ensure easy installation, quick modifications as well as complete flexibility in constructing a piping system.
  Salient Features:  
  1. Confirming to IS 7834 standard
  2. Available range – 20 mm to 250 mm
  3. Working pressure rating – From 6kgf/cm.sq to 10kgf/ cm.sq
  4. Wide range for different applications
  5. Designed for precision and accuracy
  Our leading product range consists of:  
  1. Elbow 90 degrees: Are used for short turn of 90 degrees. Available sizes: 20mm to 250mm.
  2. Equal Tee: Are used for by-passing and taking service line out of main line. Availabl
sizes- 20mm to 250mm. Reducing Tee is also available.
  3. Female Threaded Tee (FTT): One or more ends of this Tee is threaded. It is used for by-passing and
taking service line out of main line. Reducing Female Threaded Tee (RFTT)
is also available.
  4. Couplers: Are used for joining two PVC pipes. Available sizes: 20mm to 250mm.
  5. End Cap Plain/ Threaded: Are used to close the end of any pipe line. Available sizes: 20mm to 250mm.
  6. Female Threaded Adapter (FTA): Are used to connect a PVC pipeline directly to a metal pipe. Reducing FTA
(RFTA) is also available which connects a PVC pipeline directly to a metal pipe
of the lower diameter and vice-versa.
  7. Male Threaded Adaptor (MTA): Are used to connect the G.I. Pipe line/ Metal line and all types of valves,
pumps etc. through a male portion of PVC Threaded adaptor.
  8. Reducer: Are used to convert the service line into a small line. Reducers can be single,
double or multi stage depending upon the size of the service line and size
of the small line.
  9. Service Saddle: Are used for tapping the large service main line into small feeder line for
household purposes. Outlets of 20mm (1/2’’), 25mm (3/4’’), 32mm (1’’)
either plain or threaded offered with nut bolts and gasket. Available sizes:
40mm to 250mm.
  10. Tail Piece: Are used for connecting air release valve/ non return valves, pumps, etc.
  Elbow 90o End Cap - Plain   Equal T Female Threaded Adapter  
  Male Threaded Adapter Reducer   Service Saddle Tail Piece  
  Agri Fittings